The branding process and
working together

The process is important and my clients love being bought along for the journey. I have put together a 6 step breakdown
of the design process I follow when working on new projects to help you know what you can expect when working together



The discovery phase is all about getting to know you and your business and understanding your design goals. I firmly believe design is problem solving and whether you know it or not, within this process there is a problem you are hoping to solve with design. That's why I spend time really getting to know and understand your objectives so that collaboratively we can reach the right solution for your business. Once I am aware of the problem we are working to solve, I put together bespoke brand packages that will allow you to choose an outcome that best meets your business goals and of course budget. I like to think of it as your very own brand 'Pick n Mix'

If you have a project and you would like to tell me more, get in touch.




The research phase delves deeper than the discovery phase by understanding more about your business as it stands including your current brand, website, assets etc and beyond your business looks at your competitors, target audience and similar areas. Once we have a better understanding of the project we are able to work towards the right solution, which leads onto the 3rd stage, direction.





Finally, after answering my seemingly annoying questions and me potentially stalking you online activities we arrive at the direction we should take the project in. As briefly mentioned in the research section, the direction is a combination of your business goals and the research which help determine the right strategy and direction the design should take. It is at this stage we can begin to determine a few viable solutions that we get to flesh out in the design stage. 

If you are curious as to the design process and the stages leading up to the final outcome check out the behind scenes. You are guaranteed to uncover the messy process of sketchbooks, scribbles and failed attempts



Personal fave... the design stage. Here we get to flesh out and conceptualise a few ideas for our project. Depending on the agreed package you can get up to 4 possible design solutions nicely presented in a comprehensible PDF. During this stage as we work together to distill the designs down to one final design, depending on the agreed number of amends there will be some back and forth as we exchange ideas and feedback all with the aim of arriving at the right solution.

The design process can be a lengthy process but it is worth it when committed to finding the right solution. Take a look at some of the ones that made it to the end.



Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 11.36.21.png


Touch points

Touch points are generally assets which carry the design and are the ways in which your target audience engage with your brand e.g social media, business cards, website etc. Depending on the type of project this stage could be quite irrelevant for you as the previous stage and this stage often merge into one, so feel free to head over to the final stage.

Hand Over

You made it this far!! woop!

Final stage is me handing over the design to you, and giving you ownership of the project. I like to think of it as handing over the keys.
This often takes the form of brand guidelines but can take on many forms for example a tutorial in how to use your new website and update the content yourself.
Whichever form it takes the hand over empowers you to take ownership of the design and make it your own so that you can confidently communicate and
implement the solution into your business.


If you have any questions regarding working together please get in touch. Similarly if you have
enough information and want to get started on a project then drop me a line.