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Simply put branding is who your business is, what it believes and how it is perceived by your customers. You will need to consider branding when starting a business or considering a new direction for an existing business.
Branding can include:

+ Brand mission
+ Offering / Differentiation
+ Messaging
+ Tone of voice
+ Brand identity

Brand Identity

A brand identity is the visual representation of your brand. You will need to consider a brand identity if you are starting a new business or are an existing business seeking to refresh or recreate a look & feel more in-keeping with your business direction.
A brand identity can include:

+ Logo
+ Logo identity system
+ Colour palette
+ Brand Fonts


Whether you have an existing business or a considering a startup, you may be unsure about branding as a whole or aspects of your company's brand. Consultation sessions can help identify potential pain points, solutions and directions for your brand through advice and guidance regarding the next steps for you business. 

Graphic Design

If you have an existing brand and are seeking to deliver your brand identity across new or updated assets e.g look book, magazine, invitations, business cards etc then you may benefit from graphic design services.



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