The Fam

The Fam.

Showcasing the collective brands that are an extension of and created by Marssaié Studio.
 Equally as passionate about quality, style, purpose and storytelling.


Kwesi Li  

A high-quality online stock photography gallery sharing and celebrating the often untold stories of people from diverse backgrounds. A platform dedicated to the equal representation of cultures, sub or otherwise and the telling of their stories from the ordinary to the extraordinary as well as the photographers who capture them. 


&Homies is a creative collective made up of three friends that share a love for faith, creativity, culture, and quality. Working together and individually to collaborate with like minded individuals to create and innovate whilst championing creativity, culture and collaboration.  

Creative Edit

A channel dedicated to sharing the stories and processes of creatives and creativity. The Edit goes behind the scenes to tell the stories of the best in their fields from design, illustration, art photography and so much more. Uncover the journey process and inspirations of the people behind the art.